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April 27, 1973 | The Brazilian Puppetry Association completes 47 years!

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Each year I celebrate the anniversary of the Brazilian Puppetry Association (ABTB) reminiscing over everything what has happened since its founding, in my residence in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, which became the official headquarters of ABTB in its first 4 years of existence, during the mandate of the first administration… A lot of ups and downs but ABTB RESISTS UNTIL TODAY!

During quarantine times, not much can be done to celebrate this date face-to-face, but online some initiatives have taken place. In that regard, I call the attention to the publication of the REVISTA MAMULENGO number 15 (click here) (Mamulengo Magazine; note: Mamulengo is a puppet performance type from the Brazilian Northeast). Number 15 has been issued 30 years after the 14th edition! A beautiful initiative of our dear Nini Beltrame. The release of Revista Mamulengo’s first edition happened in the same year of the founding of ABTB, in 1973! So, let us celebrate the 47 years of ABTB reading the 15th edition of this important publication.

At the time of the founding, Vigínia Valli, one of ABTB’s founders and the future magazine’s editor, translated our desire to publish on the art of puppetry through a magazine in which much of her profound knowledge and good taste where imprinted. Virgínia already had a lot of experience by having published the “Cadernos de Teatro de Tablado” and this reference would already suffice to know that our MAMULENGO would be not only highly interesting but also of high quality, and that it wouldn’t compromise; for starters, the “couché” paper, yes sir! We would take no less!

WANT TO KNOW MORE about the founding of the Brazilian Puppetry Association? Read my article here!

Now, I leave open my proposal to celebrate the GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY OF THE BRAZILIAN PUPPETRY ASSOCIATION with a big event to gather the greatest number possible of artists dedicated to puppetry from each corner of this immense country.

April 27, 2023

50 years anniversary of ABTB

Utopia? No! Bravery!

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